Electromobility? The revolution is taking place now!

We design and manufacture professional charging stations, which are distinguished by modern design and compatibility with the mobile application enabling precise billing remote control at any time. 


Our team of engineers has extensive experience in working on national and international projects related to intelligent energy management, renewable energy sources and energy efficiency.


Thanks to the location of our headquarters, we have access to a modern research and development laboratory, which is why the solutions proposed by EV Volta are in accordance with the standards of the International Electrotechnical Commission: IEC 61851-1: 2017, IEC 62196-2: 2016.



EV Volta is the perfect solution for ...

Cities and municipalities

planning to implement ecological solutions in their area, caring for reducing CO2 emissions to the atmosphere and improving the living conditions of their residents.

Shopping chains and galleries

focusing on innovative solutions to create additional facilities for their clients thanks to which they can generate additional revenues.

Petrol station networks

that are willing to stand out from the competition and count on additional profits.

Business centers and office buildings

that care about prestige and providing additional ecological solutions while obtaining the BREEAM certificate.


thanks to our charging station they can be visible in the booking.com application which gives additional opportunities for a potential customer and makes the stay easier.


whose locations will be visible in public maps that allow drivers to plan charging during the trip, thus offering restaurants additional sales benefits.

Warehouse facilities

and logistics centers

applying for BREEAM certificate of sustainable construction. 

City and private parking spaces

promoting electromobility or expanding their operations by including charging services.
Parking lots at stations and airports
adapting their spaces to accommodate the growing number of BEVs and PHEVs. Often the choice of a car park is influenced by the availability of spaces and all amenities for drivers, such as charging stations.

 The possibilities are unlimited, therefore we invite you to cooperation.

Take care of our planet

In 2018, the European Climate Foundation presented a report illustrating the impact of EV on the environment. The study shows that fully electric cars, throughout their entire life cycle (from production, use, to scrapping and recycling) generate 2-3 times less pollution, that causes global warming, than their combustion counterparts. With the increase in the share of renewable sources in energy generation, the difference in favor of EV is growing even more.

Support in financing process

Our team of consultants will carry out the entire process from preparation to submission of an application for funding from the program “Support for charging infrastructure electric vehicles and infrastructure for hydrogen refueling” implemented by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (Poland).